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Know that the information provided on this site and in my readings/sessions are intended for your general information only, and is an expression of opinion - not to be construed as legal, medical, or psychological advice. Any information that is provided during a reading is given to you for your thoughtful consideration only. You accept full personal and legal responsibility for your own life choices. You are encouraged to make your own decisions regardless of any information or interpretation I may convey.

Please seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider right away if you have any questions regarding medical and/or psychological conditions, or are experiencing symptoms. Never delay in seeking medical advice, nor disregard any medical information you have been given by a qualified health care provider, because of any intuitive and/or coaching information you may receive from me, or because of anything you read on this website.

Remember that we all have free will to choose what is best for each of us as individuals. You are the only person who knows what is best for you in your life. Please know that you are 100% responsible for the decisions you make for yourself.

Also, please be aware that I can't promise or guarantee a specific relative, friend, or guide will come through for you during a mediumistic reading. It does help though, if you come to the reading with an open mind and an open heart so you are able to use your own discernment when the information is provided.

I reserve the right to end any session, event, call, reading, coaching, and/or healing if I deem it would be in the client's or my highest and best interest.

This information is provided for your entertainment and enjoyment. 

I am an EMPI Insured Practitioner

I am an EMPI Insured Practitioner