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Why and What I Do


Hello, my name is Alisa Loper. 

With my individualized approach, I guide adults and teens to better understand and heal from:

Major Life Changes


Childhood Wounds and Trauma

Anxiety and Stress

Grief and Loss

Are you experiencing changes in your life?  Such as a job loss, death of a loved one, divorce, a child leaving home, something sudden or new, or any kind of change that is affecting your happiness, confidence and/or well-being? 

I specialize in helping my clients more comfortably and confidently navigate life transitions.

Some of the special groups of people I work with who are near and dear to my heart are:

Single Parents  for gaining clarity, support, and direction on their life purpose, career guidance, entering into new relationships, how to best navigate the new dynamic with the former spouse (and in-laws, relatives, friends), and self-care as a single parent.

Adults and Teens experiencing transitions in life and are ready for support, guidance, and direction toward their most optimal life path; such as with career, school, relationships, parenting, finances, and health.

Veterans, 1st Responders and Public Safety Personnel dealing with grief, anxiety, and PTSD

Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)  for how to harmoniously navigate all areas of their lives to experience greater peace, fulfillment, reduce stress, and truly prosper in life as a highly sensitive person, instead of just ‘hanging in there’. 

You’ll know what I mean if you are an HSP!

When you’re seeking to connect with your loved ones in Spirit.  As a Spiritual Medium, I am the bridge between the physical and spiritual world. It can be life changing and incredibly comforting to connect with your loved ones in Spirit...for you and for them! 

My Training:

My extensive experience and training include Astrology, Intuitive Readings, Akashic Record Readings,  Spiritual Mediumship, Trance Healing, Trance Speaking (Channeling), Reiki, Theta Healing, as well as Leadership & Relationship Coaching. 

For many years I have studied with the most skilled and well-respected teachers in the industry - and across the world - including studying at the prestigious deZwanenhof Mediumship College in the Netherlands. 

My Why:

I've known since I was a child that I am here to help people in a big way. I have always been highly intuitive, intensely sensitive to others' emotions, having a deep inner knowing of how to help, and extremely driven to help those that are hurting. I have been told more times than I can count how much calmer people feel around me. You may be surprised at how quickly you confide in me - even when you have no intention of doing so. As a hospice volunteer - supporting hospice patients and their loved ones during their final moments - I've received an even deeper level of understanding about grief, anxiety, loss, and trauma. This incredible experience further enhances my client support.

My Mission:

Is to utilize my gifts to ease the suffering on this planet, heal people, and teach people how to heal themselves. I am here to help you remember that you are a Divine Creation and are worthy and deserving of joy, peace, love, and a wonderful life as you are right now. The traumas in your life can be devastating - causing PTSD, anxiety, and grief - and yet these same traumas are what made you the incredibly strong person you are now. There are always gifts amidst the storms of life, and I will help you find the treasure and wisdom that is already inside of you to heal. Once you get closer to understanding your true self and understand that there is indeed a Divine Plan for you - this is where healing begins. 


How I Work:

Most sessions can be conducted by phone - allowing for the greatest flexibility, including out of town and international clients. On Sundays and the 1st Saturday of each month, I conduct sessions at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in downtown Littleton, CO. 

I offer Zoom and Skype calls for my phone readings, themed events, webinars, and workshops. I offer 1-time sessions as well as multi-session packages for what best suits your goals and needs. I also conduct group sessions, family readings, coaching, gallery readings, classes, and workshops (locally as well as out of state)

Contact me below to talk about your best options.  

Here's a great article on PTSD by Dr. Laura Koniver - The Intuition Physician:


2 New Treatments For PTSD You Can Use Right Now To Feel Immediately Better.

Summing It Up

My personal commitment is to provide you with compassion, accountability, understanding and support while you accomplish lasting transformation and growth. 

If you are ready to feel better - more at peace - viewing life from a place of real hope, and to finally begin experiencing the mental and emotional relief that you seek (and have secretly worried that you will never have), let's partner together and get started on your awesome new journey. 

I invite you to contact me by clicking on the link below to schedule your complimentary consultation call and together we'll determine your best next steps. 

I look forward to talking with you!

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