Next flame message gallery is weds feb 19 from 7-8:30 pm

Feb 19, 2020 event details and registration link will be posted soon!

Here's a bit about Flame Message Galleries...

EVERYONE receives a Message and a Spirit Flame Picture!

The Spirit World makes every effort to let us know that they are alive, well, and active with their lives in the Spirit World and assisting us here.

This loving, fun, and fast-paced evening includes:

  • Messages from the Spirit World in combination with Old-Fashioned Spiritualist Flame Messages;  
  • Flame Messages combine Mental Mediumship from the Mediums & Physical Mediumship from the Spirit World;
  • Your own personal experience of your Spirit Loved Ones as they draw close by you;
  • A special handout that will help you connect more closely with those in the Spirit World.

Alisa and Mary build the bridge to a whole new world for you.  You'll be surprised at how powerful it can be when the night is lit with Spirit!


Fee:  $30 for 1  or $50 for 2

Limited to 20 people


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

5808 South Rapp Street

Suite 275

Littleton, CO 


For any questions about Flame Message Galleries, and if you'd like to book your own private Flame Message Gallery event, please call Alisa Loper at 303.807.0068